06 Apr COVID-19 UPDATE…..

Per the Governor's order, we have temporarily ceased operations. We are going to hope this is a short recess and pray this virus stays away from each of you & your families. We have suspended all monthly drafts...

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11 Mar Another Fantastic Winter Baseball League Indoor Season In The Books!

Thank You to our 72 players & their parents for another spectacular Indoor League season! You know, getting to play 6 Indoor League games is one of the coolest things we get to do in here. And nothing we do generates more phone calls from other facility owners or coaches, from all around the country, seeking info on how we make this work. I tell them that our kids & parents “get it”. It’s a “knock the rust off opportunity” & a chance to JUST PLAY. We will keep working to make it better each year. Thank you again for letting your kids play & good luck to all as you head outside to begin your seasons. This picture is from late on a Friday night (11pm), after finishing one last post-game infield drag. Until next Winter....
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